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The story takes place in an uncertain time and planet where practically all aspects of life, both in nature and in human consciousness, are controlled by 0.M.N.U.S, an artificial intelligence.

An exact time is not known when this occurred.

On the one hand, the transition to "Control" happened gradually. ¿Perhaps over 50 years? ¿1000 years?

On the other hand, one of the first Control measures of 0.M.N.U.S was the complete memory erasure of all humanity. A humanity that, back then, were largely hybrid in nature. Some beings that, basically, were the container of an artificial brain, 100% connected to the net and known as "Bodies".

Fortunately or not (and without knowing how or when), a few preserved the primordial human part, the brain and their consciousness.

The only way they had to remember a past time was by connecting to the Memory Servers that they installed themselves. Of course circumventing Security and risking his life from time immemorial.

Memories that hopefully contained some remote images of previous years or centuries, and that allowed them to get a slight idea of who they were.

But not everything was just about finding out the past, if not building a future. And because of that, many of those humans were also fighting to destroy 0.M.N.U.S.

Simply living in the present.
zudhe ih
Zudhe comes from a generation of humans that has been hidden from O.M.N.U.S. since time immemorial. This generation has managed to survive without brain implants (or limbs or organs) connected to the system.
They are considered the last "pure" humans, and in reality they don’t go against O.M.N.U.S nor do they intend to destroy it (with the exception of certain factions), since they have long understood that it was practically impossible.
Zudhe was trained to collect data obtained from the Memory Management Servers to later store and propagate them, introducing them to other MMSs. She doesn’t know exactly how old she is (nor does she need it), but since she can remember, she has always been hacking control systems and servers of all kinds. She also did it quickly and stealthily. After all, she had to do it that way, since she wasn't trained to fight the “bodies”. The chances of surviving an encounter with O.M.N.U.S Security were very limited.
Zudhe has always been special. With only a few years of training and her eagerness to discover more, she was able to decode systems that others couldn’t after a lifetime of failed attempts.
There was only one who could keep up with her, Egâd Seh, who was her usual companion on dangerous memory-seeking expeditions. But Egâd had strangely disappeared (they never went on an expedition alone) after commenting that he had an important clue about the location of the Central Core of O.M.N.U.S.
¿Why did Egâd decide to go alone? ¿Why did he hide the details of this clue from Zudhe? ¿Did he go on expeditions alone and in secret? The location of the Central Core of O.M.N.U.S was the most valuable information since time immemorial, both for those who were looking for answers, and for those who were fighting to destroy O.M.N.U.S.
Against all prohibitions, because when someone got lost they were automatically considered dead, Zudhe went out alone in search of Egâd.
She needed to know more.
“I have an important clue about the location of the Central Core, I will tell you more details soon”, was the last thing Egâd said to Zudhe before disappearing.

Zudhe decided to leave the base to go in search of Egâd. Her friendship and the possible clue to the Central Core of O.M.N.U.S were very important to her. It was worth risking her life again. She needed to know.

However, O.M.N.U.S Security was present at all times. Zudhe knew it would not be an easy search. Perhaps she would never see Egâd again.
Getting to Egâd was not going to be easy (assuming he was still alive). Before he disappeared, he and Zudhe were investigating uncharted areas in sector -327E. Suddenly running into O.M.N.U.S Security was quite likely.
Fortunately, Egâd used to go armed on memory-seeking expeditions , though only for protection. Both always preferred to escape rather than resort to a possible losing battle.

But this time Zudhe was alone, and her only protection was the agility with which she could move through those impassable environments where one false step could be the end.

“This is the last place I investigated with Egâd. We were trying to hack that access, but did he manage to access it by himself? Perhaps he has fallen? Or worse yet, did he ran into Security? I'd better approach cautiously."

to be continued...

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