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What is immemorial?

IMMEMORIAL is an ongoing series of Sci-Fi illustrations and animations related to the same story and universe. 

There could be also parallel stories, and... if I'm lucky enough, amazing collaborations with other sci-fi artists. 
This illustrations and animations will be released as unique NFT's (1/1 or limited editions). 

note for collectors🖤

This is a really special project for me, and so it must be for my collectors and supporters.
You're not just purchasing another artwork, but also investing on this and future stories and its development.

My final goal and dream with this project is to have my first sci-fi illustrated book, completely driven by the support of the NFT community and collectors.

For some pieces, there will be rewards such as high quality signed prints.
Also, I plan special pieces and rewards only for special holders and supporters.
Of course, as it grows, I can think on other great potential physicals such as signed illustrated books to holders.

Join me on this series 👽


artificial memories
Back then, the only way we had to remember a past time was by connecting to Memory Servers.
How wonderful that ancient world seemed.
original size
3200x4000 px
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at sunset
I like to climb up here. It's dangerous, but it's worth it. Not only because of the views of one of the last 0.M.N.U.S constructions, which was lost on the horizon.

Someone installed here a Memory Server with one of my favorite images.
A beach at sunset, where other humans appeared at a time when they seemed to freely enjoy that natural environment.

I wonder if there are still places like this or if that image really belongs to this planet.
original size
6400x8000 px
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Comes with Physical signed print
The search
“I have an important clue about the location of the Central Core, I will tell you more details soon”, was the last thing Egâd said to Zudhe before disappearing.

Zudhe decided to leave the base to go in search of Egâd. Her friendship and the possible clue to the Central Core of O.M.N.U.S were very important to her. It was worth risking her life again. She needed to know.

However, O.M.N.U.S Security was present at all times. Zudhe knew it would not be an easy search. Perhaps she would never see Egâd again.
original size
3200x4000 px (loop animation)
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LEVEL -327e
Getting to Egâd was not going to be easy (assuming he was still alive). Before he disappeared, he and Zudhe were investigating uncharted areas in sector -327E. Suddenly running into O.M.N.U.S Security was quite likely.

Fortunately, Egâd used to go armed on memory-seeking expeditions , though only for protection. Both always preferred to escape rather than resort to a possible losing battle.

But this time Zudhe was alone, and her only protection was the agility with which she could move through those impassable environments where one false step could be the end.

“This is the last place I investigated with Egâd. We were trying to hack that access, but did he manage to access it by himself? Perhaps he has fallen? Or worse yet, did he ran into Security? I'd better approach cautiously."
original size
2400x3000 px (loop animation)
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edition of 15!


edition of 15!

#Related artwork.
hunting memories
Zudhe and Egâd some time ago, before he disappeared.
Here we can see Zudhe hacking a system to access a memory server.
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original size
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